Scot Medical

Independent Ambulance Service

Private patient transport

Scot Medical offer a private patient transport service to transfer stretcher bound, wheelchair or walk-on patients to and from hospital, doctor or clinic appointments.

Who is it for?

Patients who have a medical condition or mobility need that requires ambulance transport to get to their healthcare appointments. Your need will be assessed by trained staff when you call. The service takes patients to and from pre-arranged hospital appointments, or for their admission and discharge to hospital.

We are an established independent ambulance service based Angus and our Patient Transport Services cover anywhere in the UK and Europe.

We also offer Elderly Transport to all UK destinations including Care Homes

Available for Private hire.

Private Individuals

We offer very competitive rates for members of the public who require the use of an ambulance and crew when a taxi transfer is unsuitable due to reasons of infirmity. Going on holiday? We can take you by ambulance to your chosen destination and collect you at the end of your stay.

All our ambulances are equipped with carry cots, oxygen facilities and are fitted with ramps & floor tracking to enable the safe transportation of Wheelchair Patients.


Elizabeth Stone
"Scot Medical replied to my last minute and urgent plea for transport for another person. They couldn’t be any more on the ball. Communication and confirmation was flawless and plain to follow. Anyone requiring transport and cannot book through the usual channels, for whatever reason, should get in touch with them. Thank you very much for your help and stepping in when needed. You’re all invaluable"